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CAAS IV Program Manager Ken Briggs | 757.224.7500 CAAS IV Financial Manager Ellen Briggs | 757.224.7500
CAAS IV Contracts Administrator Crystal Clark | 757.224.7500 CAAS IV Human Resources Manager LoriAnn Penman | 757.224.7500
CAAS IV Security Manager Marie Hendricks | 757.224.7500    

Government CAAS IV Program Management Office:

Program Manager (PM) Mr. Sam Wagner (757)225-2831 DSN: 575-2831
Contracting Officer (CO) Ms. Karin Walls (757)225-7723 DSN: 575-7723
Quality Assurance Program Coordinator (QAPC) Mr. Jesse Paez (757)764-5054 DSN: 574-5054
Division Chief (AFDW/PKS) Mr. William Caffaro (240)612-6202 DSN: 612-6202
CAAS IV PM (AFDW/PKS) Ms. Teri Meyer (240)612-6265 DSN: 612-6265
CAAS IV QAPC (AFDW/PKS) Mr. Michael Lee (240)612-6205 DSN: 612-6205
Direct all official inquiries to the AMIC CAAS IV Program Management Office (PMO):

One Compass Way, Suite 300
Newport News, VA 23606

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